About Us

Who Are We?

Mint Cycles is an Australian-owned and operated brand born out of Canberra, ACT, created for women across all branches of cycling. We value creating high quality sportswear and casual wear that riders love not only because of how functional our apparel is, but to also feel pride in wearing our brand and what we represent. 

We want to inspire generations to create their identities. To actively chase their interests in a supportive environment. Whether you're on your first bike at 4 or 44, or older, you deserve to enjoy your own passions and have fun, 

Our Mission is;

  • to provide exceptional quality, and ethical manufacturing to our apparel.
  • to represent and inspire women of all ages to pursue their interests and passions. 
  • to create the freshest, raddest looking gear Fit For A Queen (that's YOU!)

Our Apparel

Ethical manufacturing is important for us here at Mint Cycles. We want to protect our environment so that future generations can enjoy the outdoors as we did. We work only with manufacturers that protect and uphold the rights of garment workers onshore and offshore. 

By shopping with Mint Cycles you are supporting more than just a small Australian business, so thank you. Now get out and get that jersey dirty!